Calligraphy Conventions 2008

&  Calligraphy Workshops

Conferences on type design

World Guilds , World Scribes, general Calligraphy
USA 2007

Graceful Envelope Contest Winners 2007
Calligraphers and artists from around the world are invited to participate
in the 13th annual Graceful Envelope Contest, conducted by the
Washington (DC) Calligraphers Guild
under the sponsorship of the
National Association of Letter Carriers.

Calligo - 2007
Houston Calligraphy Guild Retreat
October 20-21, 2007

Cheerio Calligraphy 2007
September 23-28 ,2007Tom Perkins & Gaynor Goffe
March 16-21, 2008 Michael Harvey & Monique Lallier
May 4-9, 2008 Denis Brown & Yves Leterme

Washington Calligraphers Guild
October 5 - 9,2007
In Your own Words with Steve Skaggs is
a 5 day  workshop at the Columbia, MD Art

October. 27 & 28,2007
 Pen-drawn Contemporary Caps / Ann Pope
at the Columbia, MD Art Center

November. 17,2006
Uncials for Christmas with
Maryanne Grebelstein
at the National Postal Museum
in Wash.,DC

For more info and to download the registration form,
please go to

Society of Scribes/NYC

Calligraphy Workshops with
Eliza Holliday

Colleagues of Calligraphy 2007
October 12 � November 10 ,2007
at the Jaques Art Center, Aitken, MN

Linda Lanza /October 2007
8-week introductory calligraphy course
at Princeton Adult School.
Classes are held at Princeton
High School on Moore Street,
Tuesdays 7-9pm, beginning October 2:
Registration is open now and can be done online at or phone 609.683.1101

Harvest Crittenden, Acorn Arts
2008 Engrossers Master Class with Michael Sull
Michigan, just north of Ann Arbor
Info:Harvest Crittenden

Calligraphy Conventions to come!
2008 - Chicago, Jim Chin,
International Calligraphy Conference 2008
Chicago, Illinois
July 19-26, 2008

2009Collegeville, Minnesota
The Calligraphy Connection
Lynn Ohlhorst, Director
Colleagues of Calligraphy
St. John�s University,Collegeville, Minnesota

2010- Boston
Aimee Michaels, Director
Stonehill College
Boston, Massachusetts

28th International Congress of
Genealogical & Heraldic Sciences
23rd to 28th June 2008
Quebec City,Canada
United Kingdom 2007

Society of Scribes & Illuminators

UK Calligraphy classes

CLAS FESTIVAL of Calligraphy-United Kingdom
The National Diploma of Calligraphy
Italy 2007

Workshop in Arezzo, Italy
Workshop: Books by Hand
19-30 October 2007

Please download the pdf at:

Jacqueline Sullivan/Workshop in Italy 2007
Cortona, Italy
October 13 - 20, 2007
Toscana Americana Workshops
�Acrylic Media and Textures... Italian Style�

Illuminated Manuscripts & Papermaking
CESMA Charter program:Torino,Italy
Sep 17-Sep 26,2007
France 2007

Musée du scribe /ateliers calligraphie & enluminure